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Silent Retreats

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Silent Meditation Retreats
"Silence is not empty. It is full of answers."
~ Rumi

The Heart Awakening silent meditation retreats are inspired by the Hridaya Yoga format of retreats.

The few days dedicated to silence are indeed a journey of Self-exploration which starts in the heart and leads back to the Heart.

The meditation sessions, the presentation of different techniques and experienced guidance and supervision, enable the participants to turn inwards and discover possibly unknown depths of their being.

Free from dogma, the philosophy shared is based on the teachings of non-duality and the works and writings of sages and spiritual masters of all cultures and traditions. The retreats are fully dedicated to a direct experience of truth, in a way only Silence can reveal.


“Silence is deep as eternity, Speech is shallow as time” ~ R.W. Emerson

Mauna, noble silence, is a spiritual practice in itself, enabling us to interiorise and go deeper in retreats. This is an environment in itself leading to a gentle, yet profound transformation. Pausing the daily social interaction and all the mental noise connected to it, allows more of our time and energy to be directed towards Self-exploration and harmony. Essentially, mauna is not just a deprivation of speech, but an earnest inner attitude, honouring our essential nature, which is Stillness.


Sacred poetry and readings

The second teacher in the retreats is the selection of gems from the spiritual literature, such as the masters of Sufi poetry Rumi and Hafiz, the Christian mystics Saint Franciss of Assissi, St. Teresa of Avila, St. Catherina of Siena and St. John of the Cross, the non-dual sages Ramana Maharshi, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Papaji, Shankracharya, and among them some contemporary influences, such as the writings of  Jeff Foster, Adyashanti, Thich Nath Hahn, Jack Kornfield, Ram Dass and more. 

We aspire to follow a selection of writings and teachings, left by those who mastered the path of love.


Non-dual philosophy

In the very core of the silent meditation retreats lies the philosophy of non-duality, also known as Consciousness of Oneness or Advaita. The understanding of union/ yoga with all and the experience of existence beyond the personality is the coronation of any spiritual tradition and can be known directly with the practice of meditation.



The retreats are of 3 to 8 days in silence and follow a daily schedule.

The schedule includes meditation sessions, inspirational talks and guidance, Hridaya hatha yoga sessions, supportive practices, readings and time for rest.

Retreats are held up to six times a year in New Zealand (with different duration - from 3 to 8 days), and occasionally in other countries.

Please refer to the Upcoming Events page or see below.

Click here to read the guidelines of a Heart Awakening Silent Retreat


The silent retreats in New Zealands are currently held at three locations:

- Strathean Retreat, Te Horo, Kapiti coast

- Te Moata retreat centre,Tairua, Coromandel peninsula 

- Tauhara Retreat and Conference centre, Acacia bay, lake Taupo

Upcoming Retreats

6-12th April 2023

6 days retreat - 5 full days of silence

at Strathean retreat, Otaki

2-6th June 2023

4 days retreat - 3 full days of silence

at Strathean retreat, Otaki

15-24th September 2023

9 days retreat - 8 full days of silence

at Strathean retreat, Otaki


Booking process

When you choose the retreat you'd like to attend, please send me an email to

You'll be asked to fill in a registration form and pay a deposit to confirm your booking.

You can also pay your deposit on the retreat event page

How to Choose a Retreat

The main different between the retreats is the duration.

The four day retreat consists of 3 full days of silence and practice and 2 half days (one to arrive and settle and one to integrate and depart). 

This format of retreat provides a great introduction to the practice of meditation for beginners and can also serve to enrich and refresh the practice of experienced meditators.

The six day retreat consists of 5 full days of silence and practice and 2 half days (one to arrive and settle and one to integrate and depart). 

This duration of retreat offers further insight into the practice of meditation as well as more time to embrace both the philosophy presented and the richness of experience. The duration is enough for one to really tap into stillness and have a taste of deep meditative states. 

The nine day retreat consists of 8 full days of silence and practice and 2 half days (one to arrive and settle and one to integrate and depart). 

This length of retreat offers the complete spectrum of guidance and enough time for one to experience the true depth and benefit of meditation. Unfolding as a gradual coaxing into stillness, this would be the best format to solidify the understanding of the meditation practice and bring it to the next level.

All retreats are suitable for beginners and for experienced meditators equally.

Testimonials from Retreats

“I enjoyed every moment of the retreat and learned so much about myself in the process. I feel so balanced and present and free from the critical thoughts that have held me hostage for so long" - S.J., New Zealand

"Profound! I felt a deep heart activation and healing. This has enriched my own practice greatly and will inspire how I teach yoga" - A.L., Australia


"I learned how noisy the world really is and how comforting and important longer periods of silence are. Thank you so much for this special time" - S. W., Germany

"Was good to re-awaken my heart as over the last few years I have neglected it. I have missed the feeling of just Being and have remembered how important it is to live in the Heart" - Haden, New Zealand

"Every session and every day built up on the previous one, a gentle coaxing of the body, mind and spirit to come into a place of stillness. I am inspired to continue this practice. Thank you for a transformational retreat!” - D.T., New Zealand

"It's been beautiful. I've known myself as Love again and again..." - G.M.

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