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"This is Love: the flowering of Love is Meditation"

- Jiddu Krishnamurti

Hridaya Meditation
as taught by Radha

Meditation is the practice of abiding in stillness, naturalness, love.

Meditation is returning to the source, to the Self.

It is our essential nature and birthright. The longing for it is thus the most natural expression of a longing for freedom and reconnection. 

In Hridaya meditation both the subject and the object is the Spiritual Heart - our centre, a space of awareness, which embraces every moment and all of ourselves.


This is a practice inspired by the non-dual philosophy found in yoga, Buddhism, sufism, Kashmir shaivism and other mystical traditions.


There are thousands of researches showing how meditation can be useful and improve our wellbeing - from increased intelligence, patience, calmness, creativity, problem solving, health improvement, and many many more, to the "falling in love" with the present moment; but one of them is the very core of Hridaya - the discovery of Pure Awareness, which is our essential nature. 

"Close your eyes. Fall in Love. Stay there." ~ Rumi


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