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Myofascial Release & Relaxation Massage

A technique addressing the connective tissue

  • 1 h
  • 90 New Zealand dollars
  • At The Yoga Space Hastings

Service Description

Myofascial Release Therapy is a safe and highly effective form of soft tissue hands-on manipulation that works with the fascial system to enhance movement and functionality in the body. When fascial restrictions are released space is created, restoring movement and glide-ability in the body. The fascia that covers the muscular system is called myofascia. The myofascia covers every layer within the musculature, wrapping every muscle fibre, muscle bundle, the muscle and also every muscle group. If the myofascia is tight and restricted, it creates a restricted environment for the muscle. The technique is done without lotion or oil and the practitioner sinks into the client’s body with their hand, engages the fascia and then does a slow movement to stretches the fascia. Anytime we work with fascia we are working at all levels of functionality of the body. The work creates a chain reaction on all levels of the mind-body complex enhancing the efficiency and functioning of whole body systems, enhancing key functioning at the cellular level and facilitating the release of emotions and stored active memories. Pricing: 60min $90 90min $130 30min $50 The Benefits of Myofascial Release Therapy: Physical and Anatomical Changes: Decreases overall tension in the body Breaks up scar tissue Reduces fascial restrictions Decreases pain Increases range of motion & mobility Helps the body realign itself Helps break old structural holding patterns Improves postural distortions Frees muscle from fascia Reestablishes pliability of fascia Lengthens chronically shortened muscles Resets muscle spindles & changes muscle memory Decreases fascia & muscular imbalances Relieves stress & compression on joints System and Physiological Changes: Decreases heart rate Reduces stress Increases circulation Stimulates parasympathetic nervous system Increases energy flow Enhances lymphatic drainage Enhances nerve conduction Creates space for more fluid exchange Allows rehydration of tissue Releases memory stored in the tissue Facilitates mind-body connection Promotes physical & emotional healing Enhancing healthy functioning in the fascial systems can have a profound effect on a client on all levels. It can help client’s feel more whole, connected, balanced, grounded and enhances their overall sense of well being.

Contact Details

+ 64 2040775534

10 Tomoana Road, Mahora, Hastings, New Zealand

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