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Available Online

Ayurveda Consultation

Integrate the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda in your diet, lifestyle and routine

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • From 60 New Zealand dollars
  • At "The Yoga Space", Hastings or ONLINE

Service Description

- In person or Online - Would you like to know hoe to Heal yourself and Thrive? These sessions are aimed at helping you understand your unique constitution and needs according to Ayurveda. It will inspire you to set up a daily routine of simple practices and correct nourishment tailored uniquely to YOU. Upon booking, you'll be sent an email with a questionnaire and then will meet for around 90min to discuss and reflect on the ways your unique body and mind work. In this session we will be together to: - understand the elements predominant in your life or individual constitution and how to balance them; - establish Vihara chikitsa - Lifestyle as medicine, positive and health-affirming habits; - determine Ahara chikitsa - what diet and food are medicinal and balancing for you; - explore Aushadi chikitsa - the medicine of herbs and plants, both with exotic origin and things you can use that are already in your kitchen or in your garden; - purify and unblock the 5 senses and their energies, which are our way of connecting with the world, the elements and ourselves; - consider Yoga Therapy tools to restore optimal health and wellbeing; - and more - depending on the needs of each individual. Value: $125 - 90min initial consultation $55 - 45-60min follow up single consultation

Contact Details

+ 64 2040775534

10 Tomoana Road, Mahora, Hastings, New Zealand

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