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Sun, 20 Dec


Location is TBD

Solstice Cacao Ceremony & Free Movement

Celebration of Life at the highest peak of Energy

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Solstice Cacao Ceremony & Free Movement
Solstice Cacao Ceremony & Free Movement

Time & Location

20 Dec 2020, 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Location is TBD

About The Event

This is a special offering in a very auspicious time of the year - Summer Solstice, which will begin with a ceremonial cacao circle and will continue with a free form movement exploration.   

Join us under the midsummer sun and dive into aliveness!  

No experience in dance, movement or yoga required - if you have a body, you can move in it. That's enough.    

Let yourself be guided into a free form movement meditation, fuelled by some good tunes and a cup of ceremonial grade Cacao.    


20th December, 5-7pm    

location is TBC - Hawkes Bay   


Contribution of $30 per person  

A prepaid booking is essential 

To book, please contact Radha    020 4077 5534 or  & send your payment to 38-9018-0117320-01  


The summer solstice has long been known as Midsummer. Traditionally, this is a time of new beginnings. It's associated with fire, passion, and renewed energy; but also with slowing down and releasing things that no longer serve you, letting the fires of the season cleanse away the past to open up new possiilities. 

The Mayans believed the Summer Solstice to be a time for spiritual initiation and change. They held special ceremonies on the solstice dates to balance the earth’s energy. According to Chinese Medicine, the Summer Solstice is also the time when the fire element is more present in the natural world than any other day. The sun embodies fire and Yang energy at its fullest! It is the source of warmth and light for all living things on Earth, and is necessary for life’s existence. 

At the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, we are fully awake. Our spirits are alive, refreshed, renewed, energized; all that good, juicy, rich stuff we feel in the sun.

On these long days of summer our spirits yearn to be out, to feel alive, to be moving, and celebrating.


The tradition of drinking ceremonial cacao originates in the ancient culture of the Mayas in Central America, who called it "ku-ku", "above sacred". It was believed to carry the spirit of Fertility and Abundance. The Goddess of chocolate, Ixcacao, was also known as the "Queen of Love and Pleasure".   In a ceremonial circle we will share a cup of bitter delight and allow it to awaken our Heart and soul.   


One of the best things one can do for their health and overall wellbeing is to move.   To move freely you don't really need to know any special steps or movements, you don't need to follow anyone or to even "have a sense of rhythm".  You can flow with an impulse that comes from within and is most natural. You can observe how children form a very early age recognise music and feel the urge to move.  Allowing the body to move freely and following its inner voice and needs has many healing benefits, among which:  - Giving People the Ability to Express Emotions  - Stress Relief  - Increased physical  and Gross Motor Skills Development  - Improved confidence and Self-esteem  - Encourages Creativity and Imagination  - An increased sense of vitality  - An awakening and renewal of one's life energy  ... and so much more  Join us and explore the freedom to move like nobody's watching - because nobody will be! This will be a supportive environment of zero judgement in which all of You is allowed, in your unique authenticity of expression.  Or just relax and let Cacao move through you!  


Cacao is an aphrodisiac, mood enhancer, and antioxidant that protects the heart and is densely packed with nutrients - proven to be the most pharmacologically complex food in nature! It can improve your memory, reduce heart disease, shed fat, boost immunity, and create loads of energy.   Cacao contains the neurotransmitters responsible for feelings of wellbeing, as well as anandamide, known as the bliss molecule that leaves us feeling blissful and euphoric, moderating pain perception, as well as assisting in regulating appetite and mood.  When high quality beans are prepared for ceremony, all the mood enhancing neurochemicals in cacao become particularly active. It increases blood flow and nutrition to the brain, heart and skin, and the whole body is nourished.   Sacred Cacao ceremony participants report heightened awareness, focus and intensified sensations. Cacao healing for the body, but also for the soul and spirit as it is heart opening and an amazing meditation aid.   


For your comfort during the session, please wear loose and comfortable clothes.  Bring a cushion to sit on for the cacao circle.  Bring a water bottle.  Drink a lot of water before and after ceremony to avoid dehydration and don't eat up to 3 hours prior to coming.  


Facilitated by Radha  

Radha was among the first people to bring cacao ceremonies to New Zealand. She encountered the cacao plant in ceremonial context in 2012 while living in its native lands of Central America for several years. It was love at first sight and her relationship with the spirit of this super food grew as she learned how to prepare the rich cacao drink from the tree to the cup. Having participated in various ceremonies facilitated by shamans, healers or friends in Mexico, Guatemala and Peru, Radha started facilitating ceremonies herself in 2014 in Europe. An experienced space holder being a yoga teacher and a retreat facilitator, she loves sharing her passion for community, authenticity and self-knowledge in combination with the cacao spirit.  Radha serves only best quality ceremonial cacao by chocolate shaman Keith Wilson.

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