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Heart Awakening
"It is this burning of the Heart I want.
This burning, which is everything,
more precious than a worldly empire..."
~ Rumi

Heart Awakening is an invitation to journey together towards more meaningful and happy life, lead by the intuition that Love is our essential nature.

The ancient spiritual traditions have confirmed that there is a field beyond worries, beyond mind, beyond struggle - and this field is always there, present and accessible for all, and we call it the Heart.

Blending the ancient knowledge of yoga with the direct experience of meditation, silence and sacred cacao ceremonies, we can explore the many dimensions of our being, and allow this journey starting and ending in the Heart to bring purification, healing and harmony into our life.

Both Heart and Awakening are open concepts, both adjectives and nouns, that can be swapped around and will still keep the essential message. They suggest that the Heart is the tool and path for awakening, as well as that there is no spiritual awakening that bypasses the Heart, the seat of the Self.

The "Heart" here is not seen as the physical organ part of our anatomy, neither it is the centre of feelings and emotivity. Rather, it is the very seat of awareness, the very core and centre of our being. The Heart is where consciousness radiates from and the Home we can spend a lifetime searching for. Being in the Heart is being in intimacy with what is, thus it is also synonymous with the Now, the Present Moment.

And "Awakening" is the destination of every spiritual exploration. In the same time it is the journey itself, the continuous (-ing) form of discovering, finding ourselves on every step.

Heart Awakening aims to reveal our true potential to love and bring sacredness and simplicity to all aspects of life. It is a teaching platform, fully dedicated to the highest benefits of all who participate in the retreats and the events.

For more information about Hridaya Yoga, yoga of the Spiritual heart which lays the foundations of Heart Awakeinng, please visit their official website

Radha Iveta

Radha is the founder of Heart Awakening.

An experienced meditation and yoga practitioner and teacher, event organiser and space holder, she aspires to touch hearts and offer ways to come back to what is true and real.

Radha has completed an over 500h TTC in Hridaya Meditation and Yoga in Mazunte, Mexico in 2014, a formation backed with practical knowledge in Ayurveda, Yoga Therapy, body and energy work.

Originally from Bulgaria, Radha has run silent retreats, courses, classes, workshops, YTTC-s and ceremonies in Europe, Central and South America (where she lived for years) and is currently residing and offering the teachings of the Heart in beautiful New Zealand.


“Radha has an immense depth of knowledge and a willingness to share this freely. She creates a sacred and safe space for all who participate. She leads yoga classes and meditation sessions quietly and gently, always attentive to everyone’s needs. I cannot recommend her enough as a yoga and meditation teacher to the beginner , the more experienced and for people in all life stages.” - Michele, New Zealand

“Radha is such a beautiful, authentic, articulate teacher." - Phoebe, New Zealand

"Radha’s heart is felt so deeply in everything she does. As always, I felt completely safe and supported to go places I’ve never been before"  - Sarrah, New Zealand

"Radha is a blissful being! Channeling her passion so gracefully, offering so much knowledge, experiential wisdom and endless inspiration through poems and storytelling." - Ming, Netherlands

"Radha has a wealth of knowledge and experience of being in the heart, which helped awaken mine too." - Gabrielle, New Zealand

“Radha has a divine grace about her, just in her presence alone she emits love. It is clear that she is walking her talk and sharing something so beautiful that she holds very close to her heart.” - Paula, New Zealand

“I’m genuinely blown away by the depth and clarity of Radha’s knowledge. She has structured the retreat beautifully to be both therapeutic and educational. I loved the variety of approaches to quieting the mind and the humane attitude to its challenges. I would definitely come again and again.” - Mark, New Zealand

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