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My name is Radha Iveta.

I work with people from all walks of life to cultivate inner peace, awareness and connection, with self and with life.

Through the timeless wisdom of Meditation, Yoga, and Ayurveda, I’m here to support you to enjoy a heart-centered, vibrant and meaningful life,

to cultivate love and feel at home in your own self.

I have taught meditation and yoga, as well as silent retreats for over a decade, and am a certified Ayurveda therapist.

I look forward to connecting with you!

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A NEW Cacao Club Membership

An online space for all dedicated cacao Lovers!

A new opportunity to gather twice a month for a nourishing time of connection:

 with yourself, with your Heart and with like-hearted people.

Your first month is FREE!

Upcoming Events


More About Radha

My name is Radha Iveta, a meditation and yoga practitioner and certified teacher, an Ayurveda practitioner and therapist, a Cacao lover and the founder of Heart Awakening and True Nature Ayurveda.

For over ten years I have been sharing silent meditation retreats, yoga classes, courses, workshops, cacao ceremonies and trainings internationally, in person and online.

I grew up in Bulgaria and first encountered yoga through the practice of asana over 20 years ago as a teenager attending community classes in a school gym. The curiosity the practice had sparked then led me to explore further the practices of yoga and meditation on my own.

During my travels through Central America, I came across an authentic yoga community in Mexico and immersed myself in it for 5 years. There, in 2014, I completed a 500h+ Hridaya Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training Course, which offered a depth of presence that has significantly inspired all I am sharing today.

This platform for sharing was born out of profound love for the teachings and an invitation to journey together towards more meaning and contentment in life, guided by the direct experience and knowledge of Love as our true nature. 

I'm passionate about helping people reconnect to the Heart and reveal their true nature by bringing sacredness and simplicity to all aspects of life.

Michele, NZ

"Radha has an immense depth of knowledge and a willingness to share this freely. She creates a sacred and safe space for all who participate. I cannot recommend her enough as a yoga and meditation teacher to the beginner , the more experienced and for people in all life stages."

Ruth, Ireland/ NZ

"Radha has an incredible ability to communicate the practices in such a way that makes them immediately accessible. I feel as though if I simply did what she said, the desired outcome just appeared in front of me. For a practice as complex and individual as meditation, I have no idea how she does it! But I am very grateful."

Jason, NZ

"Radha is amazing, gentle, articulate, wise, graceful and loving. You can tell she is teaching and sharing from her heart and that she walks the talk. She is a beautiful example of the practices."

- Have a Listen! -

Radha on the "Art and Being" Podcast



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