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Yoga and Meditation

"Close your eyes. Fall in Love. Stay there." ~ Rumi

Meditation is simply abiding in stillness, naturalness, love. Meditation is returning to the source, to the Self.

It is our essential nature and birthright. The longing for it is thus the most natural expression of a longing for freedom and reconnection. 

In Hridaya both the subject and the object of meditation is the Spiritual Heart. The Heart of Being, which embraces every moment and all of ourselves. 

Once on the path of meditation, it is impossible to ignore the ways we benefit from practice in all aspects of life, the "falling in love" with the present moment, which enriches all experiences. 

There are thousands of researches showing how meditation can be useful and improve our wellbeing - increased intelligence presence, patience, calmness, creativity, problem solving, health improvement, and many many more, but one of them is the very core of Hridaya - the discovery of the field of pure awareness, which is our essential nature. 

For group meditation sessions and courses please refer to the Upcoming Events page.

For private sessions and mentoring, please get in touch. Consultations and private classes are available live or via Skype.

“I really enjoyed Radha’s passion and enthusiasm and the meditation awoke something” - Sarrah, New Zealand

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Hridaya Hatha Yoga

"Fuse the powers of the Sacred Heart with the energies of the body, and you can transform everything."

~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

“The posture is immobile, firm and confortable. It is realised when the effort disappears and there is meditation on the infinite. From now on the yogi will not be disturbed by dualities.” Patanjali`s Yoga Sutras, II, 49-48

Hridaya Hatha Yoga is an artful blend of physical posture (asana) and meditation.

It is a practice of awareness in which the postures are held long enough for all the effects to take place, while the practitioner explores the subtle inner flow of energy.

It is a journey into the present moment and into the realm of energy, taken with the eyes closed and a sense of surrender.

Hridaya Hatha Yoga is thus a unique approach merging the tantric and the non-dual perspective into the gift of embodiment, by promoting spiritual liberation IN the body and through the ways of the body, honouring the sacredness of all that exists.

For group classes, courses, yoga walks and yoga and music collaborations, please see the Upcoming Events page.

For private classes, please get in touch.

A deep and soulful yoga and meditation practice blended with manifestations of Love and Abundance. Radha radiates the most wonderful experiences to help you continue on your journey of conscious awareness and expansion with so much Love. - Elizabeth, New Zealand

What is Hridaya Meditation?
"Close your eyes. Fall in Love. Stay there." ~ Rumi
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