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Cacao Immersion Program

Oct 28, 2024 - Dec 1, 2024

  • 35Days
  • 38Steps


The Heart Awakening Cacao Immersion Program is a transformative online experience designed to deepen your connection with the sacred plant medicine of Cacao. Through guided sessions and rituals, and informative yet practical online content, you will explore the wide range of effects and properties of Cacao, unlocking profound insights and inner transformation. Join us to awaken your heart and nourish your soul with the magic of Cacao! The program runs over four weeks/ one moon cycle, from new moon to new moon and it includes: - one block of cacao (Keith's cacao, the world's original ceremonial grade cacao) - introduction to a daily practice of cacao - 4x group online cacao ceremonies - on TUESDAYS 6-8pm - 2x one on one calls to check in and receive inspiration and guidance - online content and materials, including guided meditations, intention setting guidance, recipes, and practices - playlists and additional online resources - journaling prompts and questions for reflection and integration - safe container and guidance to encourage your unique experience - mentoring and guidance by a caring practitioner with over 10 years of continuous experience introducing cacao to people around the world By participating in this program you will learn and practice how to: - Create sacred space in your own home - Make a delicious cacao drink - Set a powerful intention for your practice - Hold your own personal cacao ceremonies at home - Reflect on and integrate your experience - Connect to your heart space - Connect to the elements - Deepen your knowledge of self and the forces that direct our life and more...

You can also join this program via the mobile app. Go to the app




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